Monday, June 26, 2017

Gathering Mystery {Quilt Top Construction}

I'm not quite done putting together my Cora's Quilts Gathering Mystery QAL top, but I figured I should give a quick update!

I finished putting all of my blocks together for Week 10, which required lots and lots of pins! I only had one that I partially took apart and fixed! I then quickly progressed into sewing the sashing pieces to my blocks, meaning even more pinning! Pinning made the matching nearly perfect and I think thus far I've only taken out part of one sashing + block combo.

And of course then you pair your blocks...

And then you pair your pairs and finish off the row!

Now all four of my block rows are completed! I also completed my horizontal sashing rows. These were much quicker to put together since there wasn't any matching! 

Last night I was able to pin each block row to a sashing row. These are ready to be sewn (and look like almost no easing will be required!) as soon as I can sit down at my machine!

Have a happy Monday! For once, it's not oppressively hot and humid in MD so I am wishing I could be outside!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kelly Parkway and Goldenrod Terrace {RSC May and June}

I have finally caught up for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for May and June! May was our month for green and June is our month for yellow.

I made three blocks in each color:

One of the slightly difficult things with my green May blocks is that I had to make sure that the grass green in each block had enough contrast from the green of the house. I think I accomplished that well and only had to switch out the grass on one block.

As of right now, I have 30 blocks (hidden somewhere in my stash!) I might need to locate some additional brown for the roof fabric. I should have enough sky blue fabrics for at least two to three months' worth of blocks. My goal is to have 42 blocks for a 6x7 block arrangement, so I only have 12 more blocks to make over the next 5 months!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marigold Mini {Finished}

I think I finally understand why mini quilts are so addicting, guys. Also, I really love how easy they are to quilt. :)

My June IBA project is now complete -- and ready to hang up!

As I planned, I quilted with peach thread in the flowers, green thread in the leaves, and off-white thread in the background. I quilted feathers in the leaves, meanders in the flowers, and loops in the background.

The backing is also from the new Bonsai collection from Island Batik. I used two of the "rainbow" floral prints and since I had two half yard cuts, I had to piece the back. The binding is the lighter green fabric that I used in the leaves.

(PS. it is not as wobbly as a couple of these pictures suggest, the grass hill, while beautiful and green, is not exactly flat!)

Now to hang this on my wall!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Adapted from Pen and Paper Patterns' Marigold quilt
Size: 22 inches square
Techniques: curved piecing with templates, machine applique, free motion quilting
Quilting: various FMQ patterns
Binding: double fold, straight grain binding

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Monday, June 19, 2017

In a Spiral {Quilting My Alison Glass Sampler}

After sitting on my shelf for over a year, getting moved in January, and then sitting on the shelf for another 4 months, I have finally started quilting my original QCQAL sampler quilt. This was my second quilt along all the way back in 2014. I finished the top in 2015, and am just now getting to quilt this quilt. Here's a picture from when I put the top together originally:

The background is Kona Champagne and the fabrics originally came from a fat quarter of Clover Sunshine that I won from a now-defunct blog.

My plan for quilting this quilt was to quilt 25 spirals -- one centered in each block -- instead of one gigantic spiral so that I would be able to FMQ all of the spirals instead of having to use my walking foot (I hate my walking foot -- but that is a conversation for another day.)

Instead of pinning the whole quilt, I started off only quilting the center block and one block on either side. I always run into issues when FMQ-ing with my backing shifting, so I decided to not even fight it this time around, and just deal with pinning each section as I move through the quilt.

As of now, I have 7 of my 25 spirals completed. Here are pictures of the first four spirals that I did:

Side note: because the background is champagne but my backing fabric is white, I'm using a very light tan thread on the front and white thread in the bobbin. I have had to be kind of neurotic about making sure that I use the right thread in both places!

I'm almost done with the center nine blocks which means the hardest part of this process is nearly over! Even just moving from the center block to the inner ring was a huge improvement as far as bulk and quilt movement goes!

Cheers to pushing things ever so slightly closer to the finish line!

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Curvalicious {Pieced Marigold Mini}

Thank you for all of the kind words about my Rainbow sampler! It's truly an honor to be temporarily "quilt famous" and have my work recognized in this way. :)

I've been working on piecing my Marigold Mini Quilt this week and now the top is ready to be quilted! As I noted in my intro post, I bought the templates to go along with this project, and it was a very good investment. While it would be nice to have the alignment notches that the Accuquilt cutters add, I didn't find pinning and aligning terribly difficult. I've done a fair amount of curved piecing in the past (mainly in my NY Beauty quilt). Here are all of my arcs sewn before and after trimming:

These blocks were very easy to sew together and align! I cut my orange fabric so that all of the stripes would go in the same direction for the flower.

I added sashing strips between the flowers and on the sides so that the mini will end up about 22 inches square. I used a purple variegated thread from Superior Threads for the machine applique accents.

Now this little cutie is ready to quilt! My plan is to quilt the orange section with peach thread, the green leaves with a green thread, and the background with cream. I am planning to use some additional fabric from the Bonsai line for the backing fabric!

Have a wonderful weekend! And just for fun, here's a picture of my husband and I from the wedding we attended last weekend:

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